namespace Util


Namespaces: Units

Classes: AbstractConfiguration, AbstractOptionCallback, AmbiguousOptionException, Application, ConfigurationMapper, ConfigurationView, DuplicateOptionException, EmptyOptionException, FilesystemConfiguration, HelpFormatter, IncompatibleOptionsException, IniFileConfiguration, IntValidator, InvalidArgumentException, JSONConfiguration, LayeredConfiguration, LoggingConfigurator, LoggingSubsystem, MapConfiguration, MissingArgumentException, MissingOptionException, Option, OptionCallback, OptionException, OptionProcessor, OptionSet, PropertyFileConfiguration, RegExpValidator, ServerApplication, Subsystem, SystemConfiguration, Timer, TimerFunc, TimerTask, TimerTaskAdapter, UnexpectedArgumentException, UnknownOptionException, Validator, WinRegistryConfiguration, WinRegistryKey, WinService, XMLConfiguration


namespace Units


class AbstractConfiguration

AbstractConfiguration is an abstract base class for different kinds of configuration data, such as INI files, property files, XML configuration files or the Windows Registry. 

class AbstractOptionCallback

Base class for OptionCallback

class AmbiguousOptionException


class Application

The Application class implements the main subsystem in a process. 

class ConfigurationMapper

This configuration maps a property hierarchy into another hierarchy. 

class ConfigurationView

This configuration implements a "view" into a sub-hierarchy of another configuration. 

class DuplicateOptionException


class EmptyOptionException


class FilesystemConfiguration

An implementation of AbstractConfiguration that stores configuration data in a directory hierarchy in the filesystem. 

class HelpFormatter

This class formats a help message from an OptionSet

class IncompatibleOptionsException


class IniFileConfiguration

This implementation of a Configuration reads properties from a legacy Windows initialization (. 

class IntValidator

The IntValidator tests whether the option argument, which must be an integer, lies within a given range. 

class InvalidArgumentException


class JSONConfiguration

This configuration class extracts configuration properties from a JSON object. 

class LayeredConfiguration

A LayeredConfiguration consists of a number of AbstractConfigurations. 

class LoggingConfigurator

This utility class uses a configuration object to configure the logging subsystem of an application. 

class LoggingSubsystem

The LoggingSubsystem class initializes the logging framework using the LoggingConfigurator

class MapConfiguration

An implementation of AbstractConfiguration that stores configuration data in a map. 

class MissingArgumentException


class MissingOptionException


class Option

This class represents and stores the properties of a command line option. 

class OptionCallback

This class is used as an argument to Option::callback(). 

class OptionException


class OptionProcessor

An OptionProcessor is used to process the command line arguments of an application. 

class OptionSet

A collection of Option objects. 

class PropertyFileConfiguration

This implementation of a Configuration reads properties from a Java-style properties file. 

class RegExpValidator

This validator matches the option value against a regular expression. 

class ServerApplication

A subclass of the Application class that is used for implementing server applications. 

class Subsystem

Subsystems extend an application in a modular way. 

class SystemConfiguration

This class implements a Configuration interface to various system properties and environment variables. 

class Timer

A Timer allows to schedule tasks (TimerTask objects) for future execution in a background thread. 

class TimerFunc

A simple adapter that allows using a functor or lambda with Poco::Util::Timer, used by timerFunc(). 

class TimerTask

A task that can be scheduled for one-time or repeated execution by a Timer

class TimerTaskAdapter

This class template simplifies the implementation of TimerTask objects by allowing a member function of an object to be called as task. 

class UnexpectedArgumentException


class UnknownOptionException


class Validator

Validator specifies the interface for option validators. 

class WinRegistryConfiguration

An implementation of AbstractConfiguration that stores configuration data in the Windows registry. 

class WinRegistryKey

This class implements a convenient interface to the Windows Registry. 

class WinService

This class provides an object-oriented interface to the Windows Service Control Manager for registering, unregistering, configuring, starting and stopping services. 

class XMLConfiguration

This configuration class extracts configuration properties from an XML document. 

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