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Classes: AbstractInstantiator, Any, ApplicationException, Array, Ascii, AssertionViolationException, AtomicCounter, AtomicFlag, AutoPtr, AutoReleasePool, BadCastException, BasicFIFOBuffer, Buffer, Bugcheck, BugcheckException, ByteOrder, CILess, Checksum, CircularReferenceException, CreateFileException, DataException, DataFormatException, Debugger, DirectoryNotEmptyException, DynamicFactory, Environment, Error, Exception, ExistsException, FPEnvironment, FastMemoryPool, FileAccessDeniedException, FileException, FileExistsException, FileNotFoundException, FileReadOnlyException, Getter, IOException, IllegalStateException, Instantiator, InvalidAccessException, InvalidArgumentException, IsConst, IsReference, LibraryAlreadyLoadedException, LibraryLoadException, ListMap, LogicException, MemoryPool, NDCScope, NamedTuple, NestedDiagnosticContext, NoPermissionException, NoThreadAvailableException, NotFoundException, NotImplementedException, NullPointerException, NullTypeList, NullValueException, Nullable, NumberFormatter, NumberParser, ObjectPool, OpenFileException, Optional, OutOfMemoryException, PathNotFoundException, PathSyntaxException, Placeholder, PoolOverflowException, PoolableObjectFactory, PropertyNotSupportedException, ProtocolException, Ptr, RangeException, ReadFileException, RefCountedObject, ReferenceCounter, RegularExpressionException, ReleaseArrayPolicy, ReleasePolicy, RuntimeException, SharedPtr, SignalException, SingletonHolder, StringTokenizer, SyntaxException, SystemException, TimeoutException, TooManyURIRedirectsException, Tuple, TypeList, TypeListType, TypeWrapper, URISyntaxException, UnhandledException, UnknownURISchemeException, Void, WriteFileException, i_char_traits, poco_static_assert_test

Functions: AnyCast, RefAnyCast, UnsafeAnyCast, cat, decimalSeparator, doubleToFixedStr, doubleToStr, endsWith, floatToFixedStr, floatToStr, format, icompare, intToStr, isIntOverflow, isNegative, isSafeIntCast, isubstr, makeAuto, makeShared, makeSharedArray, operator !=, operator <, operator <<, operator <=, operator ==, operator >, operator >=, operator [], remove, removeInPlace, replace, replaceInPlace, safeIntCast, startsWith, strToDouble, strToFloat, strToInt, swap, thousandSeparator, toJSON, toLower, toLowerInPlace, toUpper, toUpperInPlace, translate, translateInPlace, trim, trimInPlace, trimLeft, trimLeftInPlace, trimRight, trimRightInPlace, uIntToStr


class AbstractInstantiator

The common base class for all Instantiator instantiations. 

class Any

An Any class represents a general type and is capable of storing any type, supporting type-safe extraction of the internally stored data. 

class ApplicationException


class Array

STL container like C-style array replacement class. 

class Ascii

This class contains enumerations and static utility functions for dealing with ASCII characters and their properties. 

class AssertionViolationException


class AtomicCounter

This class implements a simple counter, which provides atomic operations that are safe to use in a multithreaded environment. 

class AtomicFlag

This class implements an atomic boolean flag by wrapping the std::atomic_flag. 

class AutoPtr

AutoPtr is a "smart" pointer for classes implementing reference counting based garbage collection. 

class AutoReleasePool

An AutoReleasePool implements simple garbage collection for reference-counted objects. 

class BadCastException


class BasicFIFOBuffer

A simple buffer class with support for re-entrant, FIFO-style read/write operations, as well as (optional) empty/non-empty/full (i. 

class Buffer

A buffer class that allocates a buffer of a given type and size in the constructor and deallocates the buffer in the destructor. 

class Bugcheck

This class provides some static methods that are used by the poco_assert_dbg(), poco_assert(), poco_check_ptr(), poco_bugcheck() and poco_unexpected() macros. 

class BugcheckException


class ByteOrder

This class contains a number of static methods to convert between big-endian and little-endian integers of various sizes. 

struct CILess

Case-insensitive less-than functor; useful for standard maps and sets with std::strings keys and case-insensitive ordering requirement. 

class Checksum

This class calculates CRC-32 or Adler-32 checksums for arbitrary data. 

class CircularReferenceException


class CreateFileException


class DataException


class DataFormatException


class Debugger

The Debugger class provides an interface to the debugger. 

class DirectoryNotEmptyException


class DynamicFactory

A factory that creates objects by class name. 

class Environment

This class provides access to environment variables and some general system information. 

class Error

The Error class provides utility functions for error reporting. 

class Exception

This is the base class for all exceptions defined in the Poco class library. 

class ExistsException


class FPEnvironment

Instances of this class can be used to save and later restore the current floating point environment (consisting of rounding mode and floating-point flags). 

class FastMemoryPool

FastMemoryPool is a class for pooling fixed-size blocks of memory. 

class FileAccessDeniedException


class FileException


class FileExistsException


class FileNotFoundException


class FileReadOnlyException


struct Getter


class IOException


class IllegalStateException


class Instantiator

A template class for the easy instantiation of instantiators. 

class InvalidAccessException


class InvalidArgumentException


struct IsConst

Use this struct to determine if a template type is a const type. 

struct IsReference

Use this struct to determine if a template type is a reference. 

class LibraryAlreadyLoadedException


class LibraryLoadException


class ListMap

This class implements a multimap in terms of a sequential container. 

class LogicException


class MemoryPool

A simple pool for fixed-size memory blocks. 

class NDCScope

This class can be used to automatically push a context onto the NDC stack at the beginning of a scope, and to pop the context at the end of the scope. 

struct NamedTuple


class NestedDiagnosticContext

This class implements a Nested Diagnostic Context (NDC), as described in Neil Harrison's article "Patterns for Logging Diagnostic Messages" in "Pattern Languages of Program Design 3" (Addison-Wesley). 

class NoPermissionException


class NoThreadAvailableException


class NotFoundException


class NotImplementedException


class NullPointerException


struct NullTypeList


class NullValueException


class Nullable

Nullable is a simple wrapper class for value types that allows objects or native type variables to have "null" value. 

class NumberFormatter

The NumberFormatter class provides static methods for formatting numeric values into strings. 

class NumberParser

The NumberParser class provides static methods for parsing numbers out of strings. 

class ObjectPool

An ObjectPool manages a pool of objects of a certain class. 

class OpenFileException


class Optional

Optional is a simple wrapper class for value types that allows to introduce a specified/unspecified state to value objects. 

class OutOfMemoryException


class PathNotFoundException


class PathSyntaxException


struct Placeholder

ValueHolder union (used by Poco::Any and Poco::Dynamic::Var for small object optimization, when enabled). 

class PoolOverflowException


class PoolableObjectFactory

A PoolableObjectFactory is responsible for creating and resetting objects managed by an ObjectPool

class PropertyNotSupportedException


class ProtocolException


class Ptr

Utility char pointer wrapper class. 

class RangeException


class ReadFileException


class RefCountedObject

A base class for objects that employ reference counting based garbage collection. 

class ReferenceCounter

Simple ReferenceCounter object, does not delete itself when count reaches 0. 

class RegularExpressionException


class ReleaseArrayPolicy

The release policy for SharedPtr holding arrays. 

class ReleasePolicy

The default release policy for SharedPtr, which simply uses the delete operator to delete an object. 

class RuntimeException


class SharedPtr

SharedPtr is a "smart" pointer for classes implementing reference counting based garbage collection. 

class SignalException


class SingletonHolder

This is a helper template class for managing singleton objects allocated on the heap. 

class StringTokenizer

A simple tokenizer that splits a string into tokens, which are separated by separator characters. 

class SyntaxException


class SystemException


class TimeoutException


class TooManyURIRedirectsException


struct Tuple


struct TypeList

Compile Time List of Types 

struct TypeListType

TypeListType takes 1 - 40 typename arguments. 

struct TypeWrapper

Specialization for const char arrays Use the type wrapper if you want to decouple constness and references from template types. 

class URISyntaxException


class UnhandledException


class UnknownURISchemeException


class Void

A dummy class with value-type semantics, mostly useful as a template argument. 

class WriteFileException


struct i_char_traits


struct poco_static_assert_test


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