Library WebTunnel

Package WebTunnel


Classes: DefaultWebSocketFactory, LocalPortForwarder, Protocol, RemotePortForwarder, SocketDispatcher, SocketFactory, SocketHandler, WebSocketFactory


class DefaultWebSocketFactory

The DefaultWebSocketFactory uses the Poco::Net::HTTPSessionFactory to create the Poco::Net::HTTPClientSession, and sets up the Poco::Net::HTTPRequest for HTTP Basic authentication using the given username and password. 

class LocalPortForwarder

This class forwards a local port to a remote host, using a WebSocket tunnel connection. 

class Protocol

Helper class for implementing the WebTunnel protocol. 

class RemotePortForwarder

This class forwards one or more ports to a remote host, using a shared web socket for tunneling the data. 

class SocketDispatcher

SocketDispatcher implements a multi-threaded variant of the Reactor pattern, optimized for forwarding data from one socket to another. 

class SocketFactory

This class is used by RemotePortForwarder to create a StreamSocket for connecting to the target endpoint. 

class SocketHandler


class WebSocketFactory

WebSocketFactory is used by LocalPortForwarder to create a Poco::Net::WebSocket instance for tunneling purposes. 

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