Library IoT/Devices

Package Devices


Classes: Acceleration, Accelerometer, BarcodeReadEvent, BarcodeReader, BooleanSensor, Camera, Composite, CompositeImpl, Counter, Device, DeviceException, DeviceImpl, DeviceNode, DeviceStatusChange, DeviceTree, DeviceTreeImpl, EventModerationPolicy, GNSSSensor, Gyroscope, IO, Image, LED, LatLon, MagneticFieldStrength, Magnetometer, MaximumRateModerationPolicy, MinimumDeltaModerationPolicy, NoModerationPolicy, NotReadableException, NotSupportedException, NotWritableException, PositionUpdate, RotaryEncoder, Rotation, Sensor, SerialDevice, Switch, Trigger


struct Acceleration

Acceleration values from a three-axis accelerometer. 

class Accelerometer

The interface for three-axis Accelerometers. 

struct BarcodeReadEvent


class BarcodeReader

The base class for barcode reader devices. 

class BooleanSensor

The base class for two-state sensors measuring on/off or open/closed state. 

class Camera

The base class for image sensors, also known as cameras. 

class Composite

A composite device consists of one or more sub devices or device fragments. 

class CompositeImpl

Default implementation of a Composite device. 

class Counter

A counter counts events. 

class Device

The base class for all devices and sensors. 

class DeviceException


class DeviceImpl

A helper class for implementing device features and properties. 

struct DeviceNode


struct DeviceStatusChange

Event argument for statusChanged event. 

class DeviceTree

This class manages a hierarchical structure of devices, consisting of Composite and leaf Device objects. 

class DeviceTreeImpl

Default implementation of the DeviceTree service. 

class EventModerationPolicy

An EventModerationPolicy controls the frequency of events sent when an evented sensor or state variable changes. 

class GNSSSensor

The interface for GNSS/GPS receivers. 

class Gyroscope

The interface for three-axis Gyroscopes. 

class IO

The interface for general purpose input/output (GPIO) ports. 

struct Image


class LED

The base class for LEDs. 

struct LatLon

LatLon represents a point on the two-dimensional surface of a globe. 

struct MagneticFieldStrength

Magnetic field strength values from a three-axis Magnetometer. 

class Magnetometer

The interface for three-axis Magnetometers. 

class MaximumRateModerationPolicy

This event moderation policy will fire an event at most every n milliseconds. 

class MinimumDeltaModerationPolicy

This event moderation policy will fire an event whenever the value of an event variable changes more than the given minimum delta since the last time an event was sent. 

class NoModerationPolicy

This event moderation policy does no moderation and fires an event whenever the event variable's value changes (the valueChanged() member function is called). 

class NotReadableException


class NotSupportedException


class NotWritableException


struct PositionUpdate

The information contained in a NMEA 0183 RMC message. 

class RotaryEncoder

A rotary encoder with an optional push button, based on the Counter interface. 

struct Rotation

Rotation values from a three-axis Gyroscope. 

class Sensor

The base class for analog sensors, such as temperature or ambient light sensors. 

class SerialDevice

This class provides a simple interface for accessing a serial port. 

class Switch

The base class for switchable things (that can be turned on and off). 

class Trigger

The base class for triggers, such as push buttons or motion detectors. 

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