class GNSSSensor

File Information

Library: IoT/Devices
Package: Devices
Header: IoT/Devices/GNSSSensor.h


The interface for GNSS/GPS receivers.

Implementations of this class should also support the following (optional) properties for configuration:

  • positionChangedPeriod (int): the minimum time interval in milliseconds between firings of the positionUpdate event.
  • positionChangedDelta (int): the minimum distance (in meters) the receiver must move before the positionUpdate event is fired again.
  • positionTimeout (int): Timeout in milliseconds after which the positionLost event is fired if no valid position has been received from the GNSS receiver.


Direct Base Classes: Device

All Base Classes: Device

Member Summary

Member Functions: altitude, course, hdop, magneticVariation, position, positionAvailable, speed

Inherited Functions: getFeature, getPropertyBool, getPropertyDouble, getPropertyInt, getPropertyInt16, getPropertyInt64, getPropertyString, getPropertyTimestamp, hasFeature, hasProperty, setFeature, setPropertyBool, setPropertyDouble, setPropertyInt, setPropertyInt16, setPropertyInt64, setPropertyString, setPropertyTimestamp




Creates the GNSSSensor.


~GNSSSensor virtual


Destroys the GNSSSensor.

Member Functions

altitude virtual

virtual double altitude() const = 0;

Returns the current altitude above sea level in meters. Returns -9999 if no altitude is available.

course virtual

virtual double course() const = 0;

Returns the current course in degrees [0, 360).

hdop virtual

virtual double hdop() const = 0;

Returns the Horizontal Dilution Of Precision (HDOP) in meters, or -9999 if no HDOP value is available.

magneticVariation virtual

virtual double magneticVariation() const = 0;

Returns the current magnetic variation in degrees [0, 360). Returns -1 if no magnetic variation is available.

position virtual

virtual LatLon position() const = 0;

Returns the last obtained position.

If no position is available, latitude and longitude will both be 0. To disambiguate with a real position, also check positionAvailable().

positionAvailable virtual

virtual bool positionAvailable() const = 0;

Returns true if a valid position is available.

speed virtual

virtual double speed() const = 0;

Returns the current speed in nautical knots. If no speed is available, returns -1.



Poco::BasicEvent < void > positionLost;

Fired when the GNSS receiver no longer provides position updates or has otherwise indicated that it is no longer able to determine the position.


Poco::BasicEvent < const PositionUpdate > positionUpdate;

Fired when a position update (e.g., a valid NMEA 0183 RMC message) has been received from the receiver.

Actual behavior of this event (e.g., minimum interval between fires) are implementation specific and can be configured via properties.

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