Library IoT/Datapoints

Package Datapoints


Classes: BasicDatapointImpl, BasicDatapointParams, BooleanDatapointImpl, BooleanDatapointParams, CounterDatapointImpl, CounterDatapointParams, DatapointFactory, DatapointFactoryImpl, EnumDatapointImpl, EnumDatapointParams, FlagsDatapointImpl, FlagsDatapointParams, MovingAverageDatapointImpl, MovingAverageDatapointParams, ScalarDatapointImpl, ScalarDatapointParams, StringDatapointImpl, StringDatapointParams, Tag, Utility, VectorDatapointImpl, VectorDatapointParams


class BasicDatapointImpl

This helper class adds support for properties via IoT::Devices::DeviceImpl and adds a "customData" property to a datapoint. 

struct BasicDatapointParams

Parameters for creating any Datapoint. 

class BooleanDatapointImpl

A basic implementation of a BooleanDatapoint. 

struct BooleanDatapointParams

Parameters for creating a BooleanDatapoint. 

class CounterDatapointImpl

A basic implementation of a CounterDatapoint. 

struct CounterDatapointParams


class DatapointFactory

A factory for the dynamic creation of Datapoints. 

class DatapointFactoryImpl

The default implementation of DatapointFactory. 

class EnumDatapointImpl

A basic implementation of an EnumDatapoint. 

struct EnumDatapointParams


class FlagsDatapointImpl

A basic implementation of an FlagsDatapoint. 

struct FlagsDatapointParams


class MovingAverageDatapointImpl

A basic implementation of a ScalarDatapoint that implements moving average calculation. 

struct MovingAverageDatapointParams


class ScalarDatapointImpl

A basic implementation of a ScalarDatapoint. 

struct ScalarDatapointParams


class StringDatapointImpl

A basic implementation of a StringDatapoint. 

struct StringDatapointParams


struct Tag


class Utility


class VectorDatapointImpl

A basic implementation of a VectorDatapoint. 

struct VectorDatapointParams


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