namespace UPnP


Namespaces: GENA, SOAP, SSDP, ServiceDesc

Classes: UPnPException, URN, UniqueServiceName

Functions: operator <, swap


namespace GENA

namespace SOAP

namespace SSDP

namespace ServiceDesc


class UPnPException

This exception class is used for UPnP specific errors. 

class URN

A Uniform Resource Name, or URN, is a variant of an URI that stores a structured name used to identify an entity. 

class UniqueServiceName

This class represents a UPnP Unique Service Name (USN), which is used to uniquely identify UPnP devices and services. 


operator < inline

inline bool operator < (
    const UniqueServiceName & usn1,
    const UniqueServiceName & usn2

swap inline

inline void swap(
    URN & urn1,
    URN & urn2

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