namespace ServiceDesc


Classes: Action, Argument, ListRestriction, NoRestriction, RangeRestriction, Restriction, Service, ServiceCollection, ServiceContentHandler, ServiceStateMachine, StateVariable


class Action

This class represents an action in a UPnP service description. 

class Argument

This class represents an argument to an Action in a UPnP service description. 

class ListRestriction

The ListRestriction restricts values to a given list of strings. 

class NoRestriction

The NoRestriction doesn't restrict at all 

class RangeRestriction

The RangeRestriction restricts values to a given numerical range. 

class Restriction

This class represents a restriction for a StateVariable's value. 

class Service

This class represents a UPnP service description consisting of Action and StateVariable objects. 

class ServiceCollection

A ServiceCollection contains all services a UPnP device provides. 

class ServiceContentHandler

The ServiceContentHandler is used to parse a UPnP Service Description XML document. 

class ServiceStateMachine

A state machine for parsing a UPnP XML service description. 

class StateVariable

This class represents a state variable in a UPnP service description. 

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