namespace SSDP


Classes: Advertisement, HTTPMUClient, HTTPMUMessageHandler, HTTPMUMessageHandlerFactory, HTTPMUServer, SSDPResponder


class Advertisement

An Advertisement contains all data transferred via a SSDP Discovery message. 

class HTTPMUClient

HTTPMUClient is used to send HTTPMU messages (requests and responses) to other hosts or multicast groups. 

class HTTPMUMessageHandler

The abstract base class for message handlers created by HTTPMUServer

class HTTPMUMessageHandlerFactory

A factory for HTTPMUMessageHandler objects. 

class HTTPMUServer

This class implements a simple server for the HTTPMU (HTTP over Multicast/UDP) protocol, as used by the UPnP Simple Service Discovery Protocol (SSDP). 

class SSDPResponder

SSDPResponder implements the Simple Service Discovery Protocol for UPnP

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