namespace Core


Namespaces: Internal

Classes: ApplicationWrapper, AsyncFunctionCompletedTask, AsyncFunctionFailedTask, AsyncFunctionRunner, BufferWrapper, ConfigurationWrapper, ConsoleWrapper, DateTimeWrapper, JSException, JSExecutor, JSTimer, LocalDateTimeWrapper, LoggerWrapper, Module, ModuleNotFoundException, ModuleRegistry, PooledIsolate, SystemWrapper, TimedJSExecutor, TimerWrapper, URIWrapper, UUIDWrapper, WeakPersistentWrapper, WeakPersistentWrapperBase, WeakPersistentWrapperRegistry, Wrapper

Functions: initialize, uninitialize


namespace Internal


class ApplicationWrapper

JavaScript wrapper for Poco::Environment

class AsyncFunctionCompletedTask

This is executed in the JavaScript timer queue when an asynchronous function implemented with AsyncFunctionRunner completes successfully. 

class AsyncFunctionFailedTask

This is executed in the JavaScript timer queue when an asynchronous function implemented with AsyncFunctionRunner fails by throwing an exception. 

class AsyncFunctionRunner

A utility class template for implementing asynchronous JavaScript functions in C++. 

class BufferWrapper

JavaScript wrapper for Poco::Buffer<char>. 

class ConfigurationWrapper

JavaScript wrapper for Poco::AbstractConfiguration. 

class ConsoleWrapper

JavaScript wrapper for Poco::Logger, presenting a Console-style interface as known from web browsers. 

class DateTimeWrapper

JavaScript wrapper for Poco::DateTime

class JSException


class JSExecutor

The JSExecutor class executes JavaScript code in a controlled environment (i. 

class JSTimer

A JSTimer allows to schedule tasks (Poco::Util::TimerTask objects) for future execution in a background thread. 

class LocalDateTimeWrapper

JavaScript wrapper for Poco::LocalDateTime

class LoggerWrapper

JavaScript wrapper for Poco::Logger

class Module

A JavaScript native module, implemented in C++. 

class ModuleNotFoundException


class ModuleRegistry

A registry of native JavaScript modules. 

class PooledIsolate


class SystemWrapper

JavaScript wrapper for Poco::Environment

class TimedJSExecutor

This class extends the basic JSExecutor class with a JSTimer-based event loop, allowing the definition of timers in JavaScript code. 

class TimerWrapper

JavaScript wrapper for TimedJSExecutor-based timers. 

class URIWrapper

JavaScript wrapper for Poco::AbstractURI. 

class UUIDWrapper

JavaScript wrapper for Poco::UUID

class WeakPersistentWrapper

Helper for wrapping native types in weak persistent handles. 

class WeakPersistentWrapperBase

A common base class for all WeakPersistentWrapper template instantiations that defines a virtual destructor. 

class WeakPersistentWrapperRegistry

This class maintains references to all active WeakPersistentWrapper instances. 

class Wrapper

Interface for JavaScript V8 Engine Wrapper classes. 



void initialize();

Initializes the JavaScript engine.


void uninitialize();

Uninitialize the JavaScript engine.

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