namespace FastInfoset


Classes: BitStreamReader, BitStreamWriter, BoolEncoding, CDataEncoding, Converter, DWordEncoding, Decoder, DecodingAlgorithm, DocumentRestrictedAlphabet, DocumentVocabulary, DoubleEncoding, Encoder, Encoding, EncodingAlgorithm, FISContentHandler, FISDocumentHandler, FISEncodingException, FISException, FISParseException, FastInfosetParser, FastInfosetWriter, FloatEncoding, HashVocabulary, HexEncoding, IntEncoding, LongEncoding, MapVocabulary, Notation, NullEncoding, NullRefEncoding, QualifiedNameEntry, RestrictedAlphabet, ShortEncoding, StringDecoder, UUIDEncoding, UnparsedEntity, Utility, VectorVocabulary, VerbTable, Vocabulary

Types: QualifiedNameVocabulary


class BitStreamReader

A BitStreamReader reads single bits from the input stream. 

class BitStreamWriter

A BitStreamWriter writes single bits to the encapsulated output stream. 

class BoolEncoding

This class implements the Fast Infoset encoding for boolean. 

class CDataEncoding

This class implements the Fast Infoset encoding for CDATA. 

class Converter

The Converter class provides convenience methods for converting from Fast Infoset to XML and vice versa. 

class DWordEncoding

This class implements the Fast Infoset encoding for base64-based binary data. 

class Decoder

A Utility class to decode trivial FastInfoset data types. 

class DecodingAlgorithm

DecodingAlgorithm bundles all decoding algorithms supported by FastInfoset standard (like hex encoding, int encoding, uuid encoding. 

class DocumentRestrictedAlphabet

DocumentRestrictedAlphabet stores the prefined simple vocabularies for numeric or date time de-/encoding. 

class DocumentVocabulary

DocumentVocabulary groups together all vocabularies used when de-/encoding a FISDocument. 

class DoubleEncoding

This class implements the Fast Infoset encoding for double. 

class Encoder

Encoder class contains utility functions for encoding simple FIS data types. 

class Encoding

The base class for all encoding algorithms. 

class EncodingAlgorithm

Groups together different encoding algorithms as defined by the FastInfoset standard. 

class FISContentHandler

FISContentHandler extends the XML ContentHandler with type specific character chunks. 

class FISDocumentHandler

The FISDocumentHandler interface allows for setting and querying the vocabulatory used for a document. 

class FISEncodingException


class FISException


class FISParseException


class FastInfosetParser

This class provides a SAX2 (Simple API for XML) interface for parsing a Fast Infoset document. 

class FastInfosetWriter

This class serializes SAX2 ContentHandler, LexicalHandler and DTDHandler events into a Fast Infoset stream. 

class FloatEncoding

This class implements the Fast Infoset encoding for float. 

class HashVocabulary

An implementation of Vocabulary using a hash table. 

class HexEncoding

This class implements the Fast Infoset encoding for hex-based binary data. 

class IntEncoding

This class implements the Fast Infoset encoding for 32-bit integers. 

class LongEncoding

This class implements the Fast Infoset encoding for 64-bit long integers. 

class MapVocabulary

An implementation of Vocabulary using a map. 

class Notation

Stores data for a Notation event. 

class NullEncoding

An encoding that simply passes data though as is. 

class NullRefEncoding

An optimized version of NullEncoding that stores only a reference to the string. 

class QualifiedNameEntry

A QualifiedNameEntry represents a XML qualified name. 

class RestrictedAlphabet

A RestrictedAlphabet consists of a sequence of single characters, the position of each character is equal to the integer value used to encode it. 

class ShortEncoding

This class implements the Fast Infoset encoding for 16-bit integers. 

class StringDecoder

StringDecoder decodes strings. 

class UUIDEncoding

This class implements the Fast Infoset encoding for UUID values. 

class UnparsedEntity

Stores data fro an UnparsedEntity event 

class Utility

The Utility class contains commonly used constants and helper methods. 

class VectorVocabulary


class VerbTable

This is a vector class template providing minimal features required for use with a FastInfoset Vocabulary

class Vocabulary

A Vocabulary allows to map values to indices and vice versa. 



typedef Vocabulary < QualifiedNameEntry > QualifiedNameVocabulary;

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