Library XML

Package XML


Classes: AttributeValueType, Content, DefaultValueTraits, Iterator, Name, NamePool, NamespacePrefixesStrategy, NamespaceStrategy, NoNamespacePrefixesStrategy, NoNamespacesStrategy, ParserEngine, QName, ValueTraits, XMLException, XMLStreamParser, XMLStreamParserException, XMLWriter

Functions: fromXMLString, operator !=, operator <, operator <<, operator ==, swap, toXMLString


struct AttributeValueType


struct Content

XML content model. 

struct DefaultValueTraits


struct Iterator


class Name

An XML element or attribute name, consisting of a qualified name, a namespace URI and a local name. 

class NamePool

A hashtable that stores XML names consisting of an URI, a local name and a qualified name. 

class NamespacePrefixesStrategy

The NamespaceStrategy implementation used if namespaces processing is requested and prefixes are reported. 

class NamespaceStrategy

This class is used by ParserEngine to handle the startElement, endElement, startPrefixMapping and endPrefixMapping events. 

class NoNamespacePrefixesStrategy

The NamespaceStrategy implementation used if namespaces processing is requested, but prefixes are not reported. 

class NoNamespacesStrategy

The NamespaceStrategy implementation used if no namespaces processing is requested. 

class ParserEngine

This class provides an object-oriented, stream-based, low-level interface to the XML Parser Toolkit (expat). 

class QName

This class represents a qualified XML name in the stream parser. 

struct ValueTraits


class XMLException


class XMLStreamParser

The streaming XML pull parser and streaming XML serializer. 

class XMLStreamParserException


class XMLWriter

This class serializes SAX2 ContentHandler, LexicalHandler and DTDHandler events back into a stream. 

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