Library OSP/Web

Package Web


Classes: Config, MediaTypeMapper, PathCORS, PathInfo, PathSecurity, RequestHandledEvent, TokenValidator, VirtualPath, WebFilter, WebFilterExtensionPoint, WebFilterFactory, WebRequestHandlerFactory, WebServerDispatcher, WebServerExtensionPoint, WebServerRequestHandler, WebServerRequestHandlerFactory, WebServerService, WebSession, WebSessionManager, WebSessionService, WebSessionStore


struct Config


class MediaTypeMapper

The MediaTypeMapper service maps file extensions to MIME media types. 

struct PathCORS


struct PathInfo


struct PathSecurity

Security attributes for a registered path. 

struct RequestHandledEvent


class TokenValidator

TokenValidator is an optional service that is used by the WebServerDispatcher to validate bearer tokens and obtain the associated user name. 

struct VirtualPath

A VirtualPath struct is used to specify a path mapping for a bundle. 

class WebFilter

A WebFilter is used to process a bundle resource before it is sent to the client. 

class WebFilterExtensionPoint

WebServerExtension handles the "osp. 

class WebFilterFactory

A factory for WebFilter objects. 

class WebRequestHandlerFactory

WebRequestHandlerFactory is a HTTPRequestHandlerFactory that was extended to allow RequestHandlers easy access to the SessionManager and the owner's BundleContext. 

class WebServerDispatcher

A WebServerDispatcher is some sort of meta HTTPRequestHandlerFactory. 

class WebServerExtensionPoint

WebServerExtension handles two extensions points. 

class WebServerRequestHandler

A WebServerRequestHandler is some sort of MetaHttpRequestHandlerFactory. 

class WebServerRequestHandlerFactory

The factory for WebServerRequestHandler objects. 

class WebServerService

The WebServerService is a service that is used by HTTP server implementations to register the HTTP server instance in the service registry. 

class WebSession

A WebSession is used for tracking users between different HTTP(S) requests. 

class WebSessionManager

A WebSessionManager manages HTTP sessions using cookies. 

class WebSessionService

A WebSessionService manages WebSession objects. 

class WebSessionStore

WebSessionStore is an optional service that is used to persistently store WebSession objects. 

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