Library OSP

Package Util


Classes: BundleStreamFactory, CodeCache, IdentifierToken, LanguageTag, NumberLiteralToken, OSPSubsystem, OperatorToken, Properties, QLAndExpr, QLEqExpr, QLExistsExpr, QLExpr, QLGeExpr, QLGtExpr, QLLeExpr, QLLtExpr, QLMatchExpr, QLMatchRegExpr, QLNeExpr, QLNotExpr, QLOrExpr, QLParser, QLRelExpr, QLToken, QLTrueExpr, RegExpToken, StringLiteralToken, VersionRange

Functions: operator [], swap


class BundleStreamFactory

An implementation of the URIStreamFactory interface that handles Bundle (bndl) URIs for accessing resources stored in bundles. 

class CodeCache

CodeCache is a utility class that manages the code cache directory where the shared libraries of resolved bundles are kept. 

class IdentifierToken


class LanguageTag

This class implements a RFC 1766 language tag. 

class NumberLiteralToken


class OSPSubsystem

This subsystem implementation sets up the OSP runtime environment, including BundleLoader, CodeCache and ServiceRegistry. 

class OperatorToken


class Properties

The Properties class manages a collection of key-value pairs. 

class QLAndExpr


class QLEqExpr


class QLExistsExpr


class QLExpr

The base class for all Query Language expressions. 

class QLGeExpr


class QLGtExpr


class QLLeExpr


class QLLtExpr


class QLMatchExpr


class QLMatchRegExpr


class QLNeExpr


class QLNotExpr


class QLOrExpr


class QLParser

QLParser implements a parser for property query expressions, such as used by the ServiceRegistry. 

class QLRelExpr


class QLToken

The base class for all query language tokens. 

class QLTrueExpr


class RegExpToken


class StringLiteralToken


class VersionRange

This utility class represents a range of versions. 

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