Library JSON

Package JSON


Classes: Array, Handler, JSONException, JSONTemplateException, Object, ParseHandler, Parser, ParserImpl, PrintHandler, Query, Stringifier, Template, TemplateCache


class Array

Represents a JSON array. 

class Handler

Interface for handling parsing events generated by the JSON Parser. 

class JSONException


class JSONTemplateException


class Object

Represents a JSON object. 

class ParseHandler

ParseHandler is the default handler for the JSON Parser. 

class Parser

A parser for reading RFC 4627 compliant JSON from strings or streams. 

class ParserImpl


class PrintHandler

PrintHandler formats and prints the JSON object to either user-provided std::ostream or standard output. 

class Query

Class that can be used to search for a value in a JSON object or array. 

class Stringifier

Helper class for creating a string from a JSON object or array. 

class Template

Template is a template engine which uses JSON as input for generating output. 

class TemplateCache

Use to cache parsed templates. 

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