Library IoT/Modbus

Package ModbusCore


Classes: GenericMessage, MaskWriteRegisterRequest, MaskWriteRegisterResponse, ModbusException, ModbusExceptionMessage, ModbusMessage, PDUReader, PDUWriter, ReadCoilsRequest, ReadCoilsResponse, ReadDiscreteInputsRequest, ReadDiscreteInputsResponse, ReadExceptionStatusRequest, ReadExceptionStatusResponse, ReadFIFOQueueRequest, ReadFIFOQueueResponse, ReadHoldingRegistersRequest, ReadHoldingRegistersResponse, ReadInputRegistersRequest, ReadInputRegistersResponse, ReadWriteMultipleRegistersRequest, ReadWriteMultipleRegistersResponse, RequestFailure, WriteMultipleCoilsRequest, WriteMultipleCoilsResponse, WriteMultipleRegistersRequest, WriteMultipleRegistersResponse, WriteSingleCoilRequest, WriteSingleCoilResponse, WriteSingleRegisterRequest, WriteSingleRegisterResponse


struct GenericMessage

A generic Modbus frame. 

struct MaskWriteRegisterRequest

Modbus Mask Write Register Request Function Code: 0x16 

struct MaskWriteRegisterResponse

Modbus Mask Write Register Response Function Code: 0x16 

class ModbusException

An exception class for Modbus exceptions. 

struct ModbusExceptionMessage

Modbus Exception Message 

struct ModbusMessage


class PDUReader

The PDUReader class is used to write Modbus PDU data using a Poco::BinaryWriter

class PDUWriter

The PDUWriter class is used to write Modbus PDU data using a Poco::BinaryWriter

struct ReadCoilsRequest

Modbus Read Coils Request Function Code: 0x01 

struct ReadCoilsResponse

Modbus Read Coils Response Function Code: 0x01 

struct ReadDiscreteInputsRequest

Modbus Read Inputs Request Function Code: 0x02 

struct ReadDiscreteInputsResponse

Modbus Read Inputs Response Function Code: 0x02 

struct ReadExceptionStatusRequest

Modbus Read Exception Status Request Function Code: 0x07 

struct ReadExceptionStatusResponse

Modbus Read Exception Status Response Function Code: 0x07 

struct ReadFIFOQueueRequest

Modbus Read FIFO Queue Request Function Code: 0x18 

struct ReadFIFOQueueResponse

Modbus Read FIFO Queue Response Function Code: 0x18 

struct ReadHoldingRegistersRequest

Modbus Read Holding Registers Request Function Code: 0x03 

struct ReadHoldingRegistersResponse

Modbus Read Holding Registers Response Function Code: 0x03 

struct ReadInputRegistersRequest

Modbus Read Input Registers Request Function Code: 0x04 

struct ReadInputRegistersResponse

Modbus Read Input Registers Response Function Code: 0x04 

struct ReadWriteMultipleRegistersRequest

Modbus Read/Write Multiple Registers Request Function Code: 0x17 

struct ReadWriteMultipleRegistersResponse

Modbus Read/Write Multiple Registers Response Function Code: 0x17 

struct RequestFailure


struct WriteMultipleCoilsRequest

Modbus Write Multiple Coils Request Function Code: 0x0F 

struct WriteMultipleCoilsResponse

Modbus Write Multiple Coils Response Function Code: 0x0F 

struct WriteMultipleRegistersRequest

Modbus Write Multiple Registers Request Function Code: 0x10 

struct WriteMultipleRegistersResponse

Modbus Read Multiple Registers Response Function Code: 0x10 

struct WriteSingleCoilRequest

Modbus Write Single Coil Request Function Code: 0x05 

struct WriteSingleCoilResponse

Modbus Write Single Coil Response Function Code: 0x05 

struct WriteSingleRegisterRequest

Modbus Write Single Register Request Function Code: 0x06 

struct WriteSingleRegisterResponse

Modbus Write Single Register Response Function Code: 0x06 

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