Library Foundation

Package Filesystem


Classes: ChildrenFirstTraverse, DirectoryEvent, DirectoryIterator, DirectoryWatcher, File, Glob, Path, RecursiveDirectoryIterator, RecursiveDirectoryIteratorImpl, SiblingsFirstTraverse, SortedDirectoryIterator, TemporaryFile, TraverseBase

Functions: operator !=, operator ==, swap


class ChildrenFirstTraverse


struct DirectoryEvent


class DirectoryIterator

The DirectoryIterator class is used to enumerate all files in a directory. 

class DirectoryWatcher

This class is used to get notifications about changes to the filesystem, more specifically, to a specific directory. 

class File

The File class provides methods for working with a file. 

class Glob

This class implements glob-style pattern matching as known from Unix shells. 

class Path

This class represents filesystem paths in a platform-independent manner. 

class RecursiveDirectoryIterator

The RecursiveDirectoryIterator class is used to enumerate all files in a directory and its subdirectories. 

class RecursiveDirectoryIteratorImpl


class SiblingsFirstTraverse


class SortedDirectoryIterator

The SortedDirectoryIterator class is similar to DirectoryIterator class, but places directories before files and sorts content alphabetically. 

class TemporaryFile

The TemporaryFile class helps with the handling of temporary files. 

class TraverseBase


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