namespace SOAP


Classes: CookieStore, Deserializer, Listener, SOAPContentHandler, SOAPFaultException, SOAPRequestHandler, Serializer, Transport, TransportFactory, WSDLRequestHandler, XMLElement


class CookieStore

A CookieStore object stores cookies set by a SOAP server. 

class Deserializer

The Deserializer implementation for the SOAP Transport

class Listener

The RemotingNG Listener implementation for the SOAP transport. 

class SOAPContentHandler

This ContentHandler builds a simplified in-memory representation of an XML infoset containing only elements, attributes and character data. 

class SOAPFaultException

This exception class contains detailed information from a SOAPFault received from the server. 

class SOAPRequestHandler

The SOAPRequestHandler implementation for RemotingNG SOAP

class Serializer

The Serializer implementation for the SOAP Transport

class Transport

The Transport implementation for RemotingNG SOAP

class TransportFactory

The TransportFactory for RemotingNG SOAP Transport objects. 

class WSDLRequestHandler

The WSDLRequestHandler serves WSDL files to clients. 

struct XMLElement

This class provides access to XML elements in the SOAP envelope header to interceptors. 

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