namespace Web


Classes: MediaTypeMapper, TokenValidator, WebFilter, WebFilterExtensionPoint, WebFilterFactory, WebRequestHandlerFactory, WebServerDispatcher, WebServerExtensionPoint, WebServerRequestHandler, WebServerRequestHandlerFactory, WebServerService, WebSession, WebSessionManager, WebSessionService, WebSessionStore


class MediaTypeMapper

The MediaTypeMapper service maps file extensions to MIME media types. 

class TokenValidator

TokenValidator is an optional service that is used by the WebServerDispatcher to validate bearer tokens and obtain the associated user name. 

class WebFilter

A WebFilter is used to process a bundle resource before it is sent to the client. 

class WebFilterExtensionPoint

WebServerExtension handles the "osp. 

class WebFilterFactory

A factory for WebFilter objects. 

class WebRequestHandlerFactory

WebRequestHandlerFactory is a HTTPRequestHandlerFactory that was extended to allow RequestHandlers easy access to the SessionManager and the owner's BundleContext

class WebServerDispatcher

A WebServerDispatcher is some sort of meta HTTPRequestHandlerFactory. 

class WebServerExtensionPoint

WebServerExtension handles two extensions points. 

class WebServerRequestHandler

A WebServerRequestHandler is some sort of MetaHttpRequestHandlerFactory. 

class WebServerRequestHandlerFactory

The factory for WebServerRequestHandler objects. 

class WebServerService

The WebServerService is a service that is used by HTTP server implementations to register the HTTP server instance in the service registry. 

class WebSession

A WebSession is used for tracking users between different HTTP(S) requests. 

class WebSessionManager

A WebSessionManager manages HTTP sessions using cookies. 

class WebSessionService

A WebSessionService manages WebSession objects. 

class WebSessionStore

WebSessionStore is an optional service that is used to persistently store WebSession objects. 

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