class CANEndpointRemoteObject

Library: IoT/CAN
Package: Generated
Header: IoT/CAN/CANEndpointRemoteObject.h


The CANEndpoint is used to receive and send CAN and CAN-FD frames.


Direct Base Classes: ICANEndpoint, Poco::RemotingNG::RemoteObject

All Base Classes: ICANEndpoint, Poco::OSP::Service, Poco::RefCountedObject, Poco::RemotingNG::Identifiable, Poco::RemotingNG::RemoteObject

Member Summary

Member Functions: addFilter, device, enableEvents, enableFD, event__frameReceived, eventsEnabled, fdEnabled, fdSupported, getFilter, getFilterMode, remoting__enableEvents, remoting__enableRemoteEvents, remoting__hasEvents, remoting__typeId, removeFilter, sendCANFDFrame, sendCANFrame, sendFrame, setFilter, setFilterMode

Inherited Functions: addFilter, device, duplicate, enableEvents, enableFD, eventsEnabled, fdEnabled, fdSupported, getFilter, getFilterMode, isA, mutex, referenceCount, release, remoting__enableEvents, remoting__enableRemoteEvents, remoting__getURI, remoting__hasEvents, remoting__objectId, remoting__setURI, remoting__typeId, removeFilter, sendCANFDFrame, sendCANFrame, sendFrame, setFilter, setFilterMode, type

Types Aliases


using Ptr = Poco::AutoPtr < CANEndpointRemoteObject >;



    const Poco::RemotingNG::Identifiable::ObjectId & oid,
    Poco::SharedPtr < IoT::CAN::CANEndpoint > pServiceObject


~CANEndpointRemoteObject virtual

virtual ~CANEndpointRemoteObject();

Destroys the CANEndpointRemoteObject.

Member Functions

addFilter virtual inline

virtual bool addFilter(
    const IoT::CAN::Filter & filter

Adds a filter element to the frame filter.

Returns true if the filter was added, or false if the filter was already present.

device virtual inline

virtual std::string device() const;

Returns the interface device name (e.g., "can0").

enableEvents virtual inline

virtual void enableEvents(
    bool enable = bool (true)

Enables or disables events for received CAN frames.

enableFD virtual inline

virtual void enableFD(
    bool enable = bool (true)

Enables or disables support for CAN-FD frames.

eventsEnabled virtual inline

virtual bool eventsEnabled() const;

Returns true if events for received CAN frames are enabled, otherwise false.

fdEnabled virtual inline

virtual bool fdEnabled() const;

Returns true if CAN-FD frames are enabled, otherwise false.

fdSupported virtual inline

virtual bool fdSupported() const;

Returns true if the implementation supports CAN-FD, otherwise false.

getFilter virtual inline

std::vector < IoT::CAN::Filter > getFilter() const;

Returns the current filter.

getFilterMode virtual inline

IoT::CAN::FilterMode getFilterMode() const;

Returns the filter mode.

remoting__enableEvents virtual

virtual std::string remoting__enableEvents(
    Poco::RemotingNG::Listener::Ptr pListener,
    bool enable = bool (true)

remoting__enableRemoteEvents virtual

virtual void remoting__enableRemoteEvents(
    const std::string & protocol

remoting__hasEvents virtual

virtual bool remoting__hasEvents() const;

remoting__typeId virtual inline

virtual const Poco::RemotingNG::Identifiable::TypeId & remoting__typeId() const;

removeFilter virtual inline

virtual bool removeFilter(
    const IoT::CAN::Filter & filter

Removes the given filter element.

Returns true if the filter was removed, or false if no such filter was set.

sendCANFDFrame virtual inline

virtual void sendCANFDFrame(
    const IoT::CAN::CANFDFrame & frame

Transmits the given CAN-FD frame.

sendCANFrame virtual inline

virtual void sendCANFrame(
    const IoT::CAN::CANFrame & frame

Transmits the given CAN frame.

sendFrame virtual inline

virtual void sendFrame(
    const IoT::CAN::CANFDFrame & frame,
    IoT::CAN::FrameType type = IoT::CAN::FrameType (IoT::CAN::CAN_FRAME_AUTO)

Transmit the given frame as CAN or CAN-FD frame, depending on type.

setFilter virtual inline

virtual void setFilter(
    const std::vector < IoT::CAN::Filter > & filter

Sets a frame filter for CAN messages.

setFilterMode virtual inline

virtual void setFilterMode(
    IoT::CAN::FilterMode mode

Sets the filter mode (defaults to CAN_FILTER_MODE_OR).

event__frameReceived protected

void event__frameReceived(
    const IoT::CAN::CANFDFrame & data

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