Library UPnP/GENA

Package StateVariables


Classes: EventModerationPolicy, EventedStateVariable, MaximumRateModerationPolicy, MinimumDeltaModerationPolicy, NoModerationPolicy, StateProvider


class EventModerationPolicy

An EventModerationPolicy controls the frequency of events sent when an evented state variable changes. 

class EventedStateVariable

A helper class template for implementing UPnP evented state variables. 

class MaximumRateModerationPolicy

This event moderation policy will fire an event at most every n seconds. 

class MinimumDeltaModerationPolicy

This event moderation policy will fire an event whenever the value of an event variable changes more than the given minimum delta since the last time an event was sent. 

class NoModerationPolicy

This event moderation policy does no moderation and fires an event whenever the event variable's value changes (the valueChanged() member function is called). 

class StateProvider

This interface should be provided by all UPnP services supporting evented state variables. 

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