Library Redis

Package Redis


Classes: Array, AsyncReader, Client, Command, Error, PooledConnection, RedisEventArgs, RedisException, RedisIOS, RedisInputStream, RedisOutputStream, RedisStreamBuf, RedisType, RedisTypeTraits, Type


class Array

Represents a Redis Array

class AsyncReader

Wrapper around a Redis client to read messages asynchronously. 

class Client

Represents a connection to a Redis server. 

class Command

Helper class for creating commands. 

class Error

Represent a Redis error. 

class PooledConnection

Helper class for borrowing and returning a connection automatically from a pool. 

class RedisEventArgs

Event arguments for AsyncReader events. 

class RedisException


class RedisIOS


class RedisInputStream

An input stream for reading from a Redis server. 

class RedisOutputStream

An output stream for writing to a Redis server. 

class RedisStreamBuf

BufferedStreamBuf for Redis

class RedisType

Base class for all Redis types. 

struct RedisTypeTraits


class Type

Template class for all Redis types. 

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