Library OSP/Shell

Package Shell


Classes: AbstractCommand, Command, CommandFactory, CommandProcessor, HelpCommand, HelpCommandFactory, LoginCommand, LoginCommandFactory, OSPCommand, QuitCommand, QuitCommandFactory, ResponseIOS, ResponseStream, ResponseStreamBuf, Session, ShellConnection, ShellConnectionFactory


class AbstractCommand

AbstractCommand provides a partial implementation of Command, doing automatic argument handling based on the options handling framework from the Util library. 

class Command

Command defines the interface every shell command must implement. 

class CommandFactory

A factory for Command objects. 

class CommandProcessor

The CommandProcessor parses command lines and invokes commands. 

class HelpCommand

HelpCommand implements the "help" command, with the help of the CommandProcessor. 

class HelpCommandFactory

The factory for HelpCommand objects. 

class LoginCommand

LoginCommand implements the "login" command, with the help of the Session object. 

class LoginCommandFactory

The factory for LoginCommand objects. 

class OSPCommand

OSPCommand is the base class for all OSP-specific commands. 

class QuitCommand

QuitCommand implements the "quit" command. 

class QuitCommandFactory

The factory for QuitCommand objects. 

class ResponseIOS

The base class for ResponseStream. 

class ResponseStream

An output stream, based on ResponseStreamBuf. 

class ResponseStreamBuf

This stream wraps all lines sent through it in SMTP (RFC 2821) format. 

class Session

The Session class provides user authentication and authorization for the CommandProcessor. 

class ShellConnection

The ShellConnection class receives commands over a TCP connection and sends responses back to the client. 

class ShellConnectionFactory

The factory for ShellConnection objects. 

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