Library OSP

Package Core


Classes: BundleException, BundleInstallException, BundleLoadException, BundleResolveException, BundleSealedException, BundleStateException, BundleUninstallException, BundleVersionConflictException, ManifestException, OSPException, SystemEvents, Version

Functions: swap


class BundleException


class BundleInstallException


class BundleLoadException


class BundleResolveException


class BundleSealedException


class BundleStateException


class BundleUninstallException


class BundleVersionConflictException


class ManifestException


class OSPException


class SystemEvents

This class provides various events that interested parties can subscribe to to become notified whenever the state of the OSP system changes. 

class Version

This class represents a bundle version number in OSP

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