Library Net

Package TCPServer


Classes: TCPServer, TCPServerConnection, TCPServerConnectionFactory, TCPServerConnectionFactoryImpl, TCPServerConnectionFilter, TCPServerDispatcher, TCPServerParams


class TCPServer

This class implements a multithreaded TCP server. 

class TCPServerConnection

The abstract base class for TCP server connections created by TCPServer. 

class TCPServerConnectionFactory

A factory for TCPServerConnection objects. 

class TCPServerConnectionFactoryImpl

This template provides a basic implementation of TCPServerConnectionFactory. 

class TCPServerConnectionFilter

A TCPServerConnectionFilter can be used to reject incoming connections before passing them on to the TCPServerDispatcher and starting a thread to handle them. 

class TCPServerDispatcher

A helper class for TCPServer that dispatches connections to server connection threads. 

class TCPServerParams

This class is used to specify parameters to both the TCPServer, as well as to TCPServerDispatcher objects. 

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