Library Net

Package Mail


Classes: MailIOS, MailInputStream, MailMessage, MailOutputStream, MailRecipient, MailStreamBuf, MessageInfo, MultipartSource, POP3ClientSession, Part, SMTPClientSession

Functions: swap


class MailIOS

The base class for MailInputStream and MailOutputStream. 

class MailInputStream

This class is used for reading E-Mail messages from a POP3 server. 

class MailMessage

This class represents an e-mail message for use with the SMTPClientSession and POPClientSession classes. 

class MailOutputStream

This class is used for writing E-Mail messages to a SMTP server. 

class MailRecipient

The recipient of an e-mail message. 

class MailStreamBuf

The sole purpose of this stream buffer is to replace a "\r\n. 

struct MessageInfo

Information returned by listMessages(). 

class MultipartSource

This is a PartSource for constructing complex mail messages consisting of multiple nested parts. 

class POP3ClientSession

This class implements an Post Office Protocol Version 3 (POP3, RFC 1939) client for receiving e-mail messages. 

struct Part


class SMTPClientSession

This class implements an Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP, RFC 2821) client for sending e-mail messages. 

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