Library JS/Bridge

Package Bridging


Classes: BridgeHolder, BridgeWrapper, Deserializer, Listener, PersistentValueStack, Serializer, TaggedBinaryReader, TaggedBinarySerializer


class BridgeHolder

This is used by the BridgeWrapper to hold information about the bridged object, including it's Remoting URI and information necessary for implementing event callbacks. 

class BridgeWrapper


class Deserializer

This Deserializer deserializes from a V8 JavaScript object. 

class Listener


class PersistentValueStack

A helper class to keep a stack of JavaScript objects. 

class Serializer

This Serializer serializes to a V8 JavaScript object. 

class TaggedBinaryReader

This class creates a JavaScript object from a tagged binary stream produced by TaggedBinarySerializer. 

class TaggedBinarySerializer

An variation of the BinarySerializer that adds type tags and names to the stream. 

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