Library IoT/MQTT

Package MQTTClient


Classes: ConnectionEstablishedEvent, ConnectionInfo, ConnectionLostEvent, DisconnectedEvent, MQTTClient, Message, MessageArrivedEvent, MessageDeliveredEvent, MessagePublishedEvent, Property, PublishResult, Response, Statistics, SubscribeOptions, TopicCount, TopicQoS


struct ConnectionEstablishedEvent

Event arguments for MQTTClient::connected. 

struct ConnectionInfo


struct ConnectionLostEvent

Event arguments for MQTTClient::connectionLost. 

struct DisconnectedEvent

Event arguments for MQTT5Client::disconnected. 

class MQTTClient

The interface for MQTT clients. 

struct Message

This structure encapsulates a MQTT message. 

struct MessageArrivedEvent

Event arguments for MQTTClient::messageArrived. 

struct MessageDeliveredEvent

Event arguments for MQTTClient::messageDelivered. 

struct MessagePublishedEvent

The MQTT V5 version of MessageDeliveredEvent. 

struct Property

MQTT V5 Property. 

struct PublishResult

The result of a MQTT V5 publish operation. 

struct Response

MQTT V5 Response 

struct Statistics


struct SubscribeOptions

MQTT V5 Subscribe Options 

struct TopicCount


struct TopicQoS

A vector of these is given to MQTTClient::subscribeMany. 

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