Library Foundation

Package Processes


Classes: NamedEvent, NamedMutex, Pipe, PipeIOS, PipeInputStream, PipeOutputStream, PipeStreamBuf, Process, ProcessHandle, SharedMemory


class NamedEvent

An NamedEvent is a global synchronization object that allows one process or thread to signal an other process or thread that a certain event has happened. 

class NamedMutex

A NamedMutex (mutual exclusion) is a global synchronization mechanism used to control access to a shared resource in a concurrent (multi process) scenario. 

class Pipe

This class implements an anonymous pipe. 

class PipeIOS

The base class for PipeInputStream and PipeOutputStream

class PipeInputStream

An input stream for reading from a Pipe

class PipeOutputStream

An output stream for writing to a Pipe

class PipeStreamBuf

This is the streambuf class used for reading from and writing to a Pipe

class Process

This class provides methods for working with processes. 

class ProcessHandle

A handle for a process created with Process::launch(). 

class SharedMemory

Create and manage a shared memory object. 

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