Library Data/PostgreSQL

Package PostgreSQL


Classes: Binder, ConnectionException, Connector, Extractor, InputParameter, OutputParameter, PGCancelFree, PQConnectionInfoOptionsFree, PQResultClear, PostgreSQLException, PostgreSQLStatementImpl, SessionHandle, SessionImpl, SessionParameters, StatementException, StatementExecutor, TransactionException, Utility

Functions: oidToColumnDataType


class Binder

Binds INPUT (only) placeholders in the sql query to the provided values. 

class ConnectionException


class Connector

Connector instantiates PostgreSQL SessionImpl objects. 

class Extractor

Extracts and converts data values from the result row returned by PostgreSQL. 

class InputParameter

PostgreSQL class to record values for input parameters to SQL statements 

class OutputParameter

PostgreSQL class to record values for output parameters to capture the results 

class PGCancelFree

PostgreSQL Cancel Info Options free (RAII) 

class PQConnectionInfoOptionsFree

PostgreSQL connection Info Options free (RAII) 

class PQResultClear

PostgreSQL statement result free (RAII) 

class PostgreSQLException

Base class for all PostgreSQL exceptions 

class PostgreSQLStatementImpl

Implements statement functionality needed for PostgreSQL 

class SessionHandle

PostgreSQL connection(session) handle 

class SessionImpl

Implements SessionImpl interface 

class SessionParameters

PostgreSQL session parameters 

class StatementException


class StatementExecutor

PostgreSQL statement executor. 

class TransactionException


class Utility

Various utility functions for PostgreSQL. 

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