Library DNSSD

Package Core


Classes: CommonEventArgs, DNSSDBrowser, DNSSDException, DNSSDResponder, DNSSDResponderImpl, DNSSDResponderImplFactory, Domain, DomainEventArgs, Error, ErrorEventArgs, ErrorEventArgs, OpaqueHandle, Record, RecordEventArgs, ResolveHostEventArgs, Service, ServiceEventArgs, ServiceEventArgs


struct CommonEventArgs


class DNSSDBrowser

The DNSSDBrowser class allows browsing for services, domains and records, resolving services and error handling. 

class DNSSDException


class DNSSDResponder

DNSSDResponder provides a unified interface to the underlying DNS Service Discovery implementation, which can be Apple's Bonjour or Avahi. 

class DNSSDResponderImpl

DNSSDResponderImpl subclasses implement the actual binding to the underlying DNSSD engine (e. 

class DNSSDResponderImplFactory

A factory for DNSSDResponderImpl objects. 

class Domain

Domain stores information about a browse domain. 

struct DomainEventArgs


class Error

Error stores information about an error that occured during browsing or service registration. 

struct ErrorEventArgs


struct ErrorEventArgs


class OpaqueHandle


class Record

Service stores the information found in a DNSSD record. 

struct RecordEventArgs


struct ResolveHostEventArgs


class Service

Service holds information for a registered or resolved service. 

struct ServiceEventArgs


struct ServiceEventArgs


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