class Proxy

File Information

Library: RemotingNG
Package: ORB
Header: Poco/RemotingNG/Proxy.h


A Proxy maintains a connection to a remote endpoint (using a Transport) and sends method invocations to a remote object, using the connection.

The RemotingNG code generator will generate subclasses of Proxy creating appropriate serialization and deserialization code for all service object methods.


Direct Base Classes: Identifiable

All Base Classes: Poco::RefCountedObject, Identifiable

Member Summary

Member Functions: remoting__connect, remoting__disconnect, remoting__getEventURI, remoting__isConnected, remoting__mutex, remoting__setEventURI, remoting__transport

Inherited Functions: duplicate, referenceCount, release, remoting__getURI, remoting__objectId, remoting__setURI, remoting__typeId

Types Aliases


using Ptr = Poco::AutoPtr < Proxy >;



    const Poco::RemotingNG::Identifiable::ObjectId & oid

Creates a Proxy.


~Proxy virtual

virtual ~Proxy();

Destroys the Proxy.

Member Functions


void remoting__connect(
    const std::string & protocol,
    const std::string & uri

Connects the Proxy to the endpoint specified by the given URI, using the Transport for the given protocol.


void remoting__disconnect();

Disconnects the Proxy from the endpoint.

remoting__getEventURI inline

const Poco::URI & remoting__getEventURI() const;

Returns the URI to be used for sending event subscription and unsubscription requests.

remoting__isConnected inline

bool remoting__isConnected() const;

Returns true if the proxy is connected to an endpoint, false otherwise.


void remoting__setEventURI(
    const Poco::URI & eventURI

Sets the URI to be used for sending event subscription and unsubscription requests.

remoting__transport inline

Transport & remoting__transport() const;

Returns the Transport used for the connection to the endpoint.

Throws an exception if the Proxy is not connected to an endpoint.

remoting__mutex protected inline

Poco::FastMutex & remoting__mutex() const;

Returns the Proxy's internal mutex.

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