class Connector

Library: Data/SQLite
Package: SQLite
Header: Poco/Data/SQLite/Connector.h


Connector instantiates SqLite SessionImpl objects.


Direct Base Classes: Poco::Data::Connector

All Base Classes: Poco::Data::Connector

Member Summary

Member Functions: createSession, enableSharedCache, enableSoftHeapLimit, name, registerConnector, unregisterConnector

Inherited Functions: createSession, name




Creates the Connector.


~Connector virtual


Destroys the Connector.

Member Functions


Poco::AutoPtr < Poco::Data::SessionImpl > createSession(
    const std::string & connectionString,
    std::size_t timeout = Poco::Data::SessionImpl::LOGIN_TIMEOUT_DEFAULT

Creates a SQLite SessionImpl object and initializes it with the given connectionString.

enableSharedCache static

static void enableSharedCache(
    bool flag = true

Enables or disables SQlite shared cache mode (see http://www.sqlite.org/sharedcache.html for a discussion).

enableSoftHeapLimit static

static void enableSoftHeapLimit(
    int limit

Sets a soft upper limit to the amount of memory allocated by SQLite. For more information, please see the SQLite sqlite_soft_heap_limit() function (http://www.sqlite.org/c3ref/soft_heap_limit.html).

name virtual inline

const std::string & name() const;

Returns the name associated with this connector.

registerConnector static

static void registerConnector();

Registers the Connector under the Keyword Connector::KEY at the Poco::Data::SessionFactory.

unregisterConnector static

static void unregisterConnector();

Unregisters the Connector under the Keyword Connector::KEY at the Poco::Data::SessionFactory.


KEY static

static const std::string KEY;

Keyword for creating SQLite sessions ("sqlite").

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