template < class T >

class BulkBinding

File Information

Library: Data
Package: DataCore
Header: Poco/Data/BulkBinding.h


A BulkBinding maps a value to a column. Bulk binding support is provided only for std::vector.


Direct Base Classes: AbstractBinding

All Base Classes: AbstractBinding

Member Summary

Member Functions: bind, canBind, numOfColumnsHandled, numOfRowsHandled, reset

Inherited Functions: bind, bulkSize, canBind, getBinder, getDirection, isBulk, name, numOfColumnsHandled, numOfRowsHandled, reset, setBinder


BulkBinding inline

    const T & val,
    Poco::UInt32 bulkSize,
    const std::string & name = "",
    Direction direction = PD_IN

Creates the BulkBinding.


~BulkBinding virtual inline


Destroys the BulkBinding.

Member Functions

bind virtual inline

void bind(
    std::size_t pos

canBind virtual inline

bool canBind() const;

numOfColumnsHandled virtual inline

std::size_t numOfColumnsHandled() const;

numOfRowsHandled virtual inline

std::size_t numOfRowsHandled() const;

reset virtual inline

void reset();

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