class KeylessActiveRecord

Library: ActiveRecord
Package: ActiveRecord
Header: Poco/ActiveRecord/ActiveRecord.h


The base class for all database objects that implement the ActiveRecord pattern, without a key column.


Direct Base Classes: ActiveRecordBase

All Base Classes: ActiveRecordBase, Poco::RefCountedObject

Member Summary

Member Functions: queryInto, toString

Inherited Functions: attach, context, create, detach, duplicate, insert, isAttached, isValid, referenceCount, release, remove, toString, update, withContext

Types Aliases


using Ptr = Poco::AutoPtr < KeylessActiveRecord >;

Member Functions

toString virtual

std::string toString() const;

queryInto protected static inline

template < typename AR > static void queryInto(
    Poco::Data::Statement & statement,
    AR & ar


Query protected

template < typename ActRec > friend class Query;

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