class MobileConnectionServiceRemoteObject

Library: IoT/MobileConnection
Package: Generated
Header: IoT/MobileConnection/MobileConnectionServiceRemoteObject.h


The MobileConnectionService interface is used to configure and establish a mobile data connection.


Direct Base Classes: IMobileConnectionService, Poco::RemotingNG::RemoteObject

All Base Classes: IMobileConnectionService, Poco::OSP::Service, Poco::RefCountedObject, Poco::RemotingNG::Identifiable, Poco::RemotingNG::RemoteObject

Member Summary

Member Functions: authenticate, connectData, deviceName, disconnectData, enableRadio, enterPIN, event__dataConnected, event__dataDisconnected, getAPN, getPDPType, iccid, imei, imsi, isDataConnected, isRadioEnabled, lockSIM, networkOperator, phoneNumber, radioAccessTechnology, registrationStatus, remoting__enableEvents, remoting__enableRemoteEvents, remoting__hasEvents, remoting__typeId, setAPN, setPDPType, signalStrength, simState, unlockSIM

Inherited Functions: authenticate, connectData, deviceName, disconnectData, duplicate, enableRadio, enterPIN, getAPN, getPDPType, iccid, imei, imsi, isA, isDataConnected, isRadioEnabled, lockSIM, mutex, networkOperator, phoneNumber, radioAccessTechnology, referenceCount, registrationStatus, release, remoting__enableEvents, remoting__enableRemoteEvents, remoting__getURI, remoting__hasEvents, remoting__objectId, remoting__setURI, remoting__typeId, setAPN, setPDPType, signalStrength, simState, type, unlockSIM

Types Aliases


using Ptr = Poco::AutoPtr < MobileConnectionServiceRemoteObject >;



    const Poco::RemotingNG::Identifiable::ObjectId & oid,
    Poco::SharedPtr < IoT::MobileConnection::MobileConnectionService > pServiceObject


~MobileConnectionServiceRemoteObject virtual

virtual ~MobileConnectionServiceRemoteObject();

Member Functions

authenticate virtual inline

virtual void authenticate(
    IoT::MobileConnection::AuthMethod method,
    const std::string & username,
    const std::string & password

Provide the credentials for the mobile data connection.

connectData virtual inline

virtual void connectData();

Establishes the data connection.

deviceName virtual inline

virtual std::string deviceName() const;

Returns the modem device name.

disconnectData virtual inline

virtual void disconnectData();

Closes the data connection.

enableRadio virtual inline

virtual void enableRadio(
    bool enable

Enables or disables the radio.

enterPIN virtual inline

virtual void enterPIN(
    const std::string & pin

Provides the given PIN to the SIM.

getAPN virtual inline

virtual std::string getAPN() const;

Returns the configured Access Point Name (APN) for the mobile data connection.

getPDPType virtual inline

IoT::MobileConnection::PDPType getPDPType() const;

Returns the PDP Type for the mobile data connection.

iccid virtual inline

virtual std::string iccid() const;

Returns the SIMs ICCID (Integrated Circuit Card Identifier).

imei virtual inline

virtual std::string imei() const;

Returns the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity).

imsi virtual inline

virtual std::string imsi() const;

Returns the SIM's IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity).

isDataConnected virtual inline

virtual bool isDataConnected();

Returns true if the data connection is available.

isRadioEnabled virtual inline

virtual bool isRadioEnabled() const;

Returns true if the radio is enabled, otherwise false.

lockSIM virtual inline

virtual void lockSIM(
    const std::string & pin

Locks the SIM, using the given PIN.

networkOperator virtual inline

virtual std::string networkOperator() const;

Returns the name of the network operator, if available, or an empty string otherwise.

phoneNumber virtual inline

virtual std::string phoneNumber() const;

Returns the phone number associated with the SIM.

radioAccessTechnology virtual inline

IoT::MobileConnection::RadioAccessTechnology radioAccessTechnology() const;

Returns the radio access technology (RAT) used to connect to the mobile network.

registrationStatus virtual inline

IoT::MobileConnection::RegistrationStatus registrationStatus() const;

Returns the network registration status.

remoting__enableEvents virtual

virtual std::string remoting__enableEvents(
    Poco::RemotingNG::Listener::Ptr pListener,
    bool enable = bool (true)

remoting__enableRemoteEvents virtual

virtual void remoting__enableRemoteEvents(
    const std::string & protocol

remoting__hasEvents virtual

virtual bool remoting__hasEvents() const;

remoting__typeId virtual inline

virtual const Poco::RemotingNG::Identifiable::TypeId & remoting__typeId() const;

setAPN virtual inline

virtual void setAPN(
    const std::string & apn

Sets the Access Point Name (APN) for the mobile data connection.

setPDPType virtual inline

virtual void setPDPType(
    IoT::MobileConnection::PDPType type

Sets the PDP Type for the mobile data connection.

signalStrength virtual inline

virtual int signalStrength() const;

Returns the signal strength in a range from 0 to 5 (suitable for displaying corresponding "signal strength bars").

  • 0: No signal.
  • 1: Very weak signal.
  • 2: Weak signal strength.
  • 3: Good signal strength.
  • 4: Strong signal strength.
  • 5: Very strong signal strength.

Returns -1 if the signal strength cannot be obtained.

simState virtual inline

IoT::MobileConnection::SIMState simState() const;

Returns the current state of the SIM.

unlockSIM virtual inline

virtual void unlockSIM(
    const std::string & pin

Unlocks the SIM, using the given PIN.

event__dataConnected protected

void event__dataConnected();

event__dataDisconnected protected

void event__dataDisconnected();

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