Library XSD/Types

Package XSDAttributes


Classes: AbstractAttribute, AbstractAttributeGroup, AnyAttribute, Attribute, AttributeContent, AttributeGroup, AttributeGroupRef, AttributeHolder, AttributeRef, AttributeTypeRef


class AbstractAttribute

The base class for all Attribute classes. 

class AbstractAttributeGroup

The base class for all attribute groups. 

class AnyAttribute

The AnyAttribute has the special name "*". 

class Attribute

An Attribute that defines an internal anonymous simple type. 

class AttributeContent

The base class for Attribute and AttributeGroup classes. 

class AttributeGroup

This class represents a group of attributes. 

class AttributeGroupRef

This class represents a reference to a group of attributes. 

class AttributeHolder

Interface for classes storing attributes. 

class AttributeRef

AttributeRef references another Attribute. 

class AttributeTypeRef

A reference to an attribute type. 

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