Library Util

Package Options


Classes: AbstractOptionCallback, AmbiguousOptionException, DuplicateOptionException, EmptyOptionException, HelpFormatter, IncompatibleOptionsException, IntValidator, InvalidArgumentException, MissingArgumentException, MissingOptionException, Option, OptionCallback, OptionException, OptionProcessor, OptionSet, RegExpValidator, UnexpectedArgumentException, UnknownOptionException, Validator


class AbstractOptionCallback

Base class for OptionCallback

class AmbiguousOptionException


class DuplicateOptionException


class EmptyOptionException


class HelpFormatter

This class formats a help message from an OptionSet

class IncompatibleOptionsException


class IntValidator

The IntValidator tests whether the option argument, which must be an integer, lies within a given range. 

class InvalidArgumentException


class MissingArgumentException


class MissingOptionException


class Option

This class represents and stores the properties of a command line option. 

class OptionCallback

This class is used as an argument to Option::callback(). 

class OptionException


class OptionProcessor

An OptionProcessor is used to process the command line arguments of an application. 

class OptionSet

A collection of Option objects. 

class RegExpValidator

This validator matches the option value against a regular expression. 

class UnexpectedArgumentException


class UnknownOptionException


class Validator

Validator specifies the interface for option validators. 

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