Library RemotingNG/TCP

Package TCP


Classes: ChannelIOS, ChannelInputStream, ChannelOutputStream, ChannelStreamBuf, ClientAuthenticator, Connection, ConnectionManager, CredentialsStore, Frame, FrameFactory, FrameHandler, FrameQueue, Listener, PlainClientAuthenticator, SCRAMAuthenticator, SCRAMClientAuthenticator, ServerConnection, ServerConnectionFactory, ServerTransport, SocketFactory, Timer, TimerTask, Transport, TransportFactory


class ChannelIOS

The base class for ChannelInputStream and ChannelOutputStream. 

class ChannelInputStream

Stream for reading from a Connection channel. 

class ChannelOutputStream

Stream for writing to a Connection channel. 

class ChannelStreamBuf

This is the streambuf class used for reading from and writing to channels. 

class ClientAuthenticator

This is the base class for implementations of the client part of authentication. 

class Connection

This class represents a TCP connection between a client and a server. 

class ConnectionManager

The ConnectionManager manages a collection of Connection objects. 

class CredentialsStore

This class holds authentication tokens and their associated credentials. 

class Frame

This class represents a network frame used by the TCP transport connection. 

class FrameFactory

A factory for Frame objects, used by the Connection's Frame object pool. 

class FrameHandler

A frame handler handles frames on behalf of a Connection. 

class FrameQueue

A queue of frames. 

class Listener

The RemotingNG Listener implementation for the TCP transport. 

class PlainClientAuthenticator

A very simple ClientAuthenticator for username/password based plain-text authentication. 

class SCRAMAuthenticator

This abstract Authenticator implementation provides the SCRAM-SHA-1 (Salted Challenge Response Authentication Mechanism with SHA-1) authentication mechanism. 

class SCRAMClientAuthenticator

This ClientAuthenticator implementation provides the SCRAM-SHA-1 (Salted Challenge Response Authentication Mechanism with SHA-1) authentication mechanism. 

class ServerConnection

The TCPServerConnection for handling incoming RemotingNG TCP Transport connections. 

class ServerConnectionFactory

The TCPServerConnectionFactory for RemotingNG TCP Transport connections. 

class ServerTransport

The ServerTransport implementation for the RemotingNG TCP transport. 

class SocketFactory

SocketFactory is used by the ConnectionManager to create a socket for the connection to the listener on the server. 

class Timer

A Timer allows to schedule tasks (TimerTask objects) for future execution in a background thread. 

class TimerTask

A task that can be scheduled for one-time or repeated execution by a Timer

class Transport

The Transport implementation for RemotingNG TCP. 

class TransportFactory

The TransportFactory for RemotingNG TCP Transport objects. 

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