Library Net

Package NTLM


Classes: AuthenticateMessage, BufferDesc, ChallengeMessage, NTLMContext, NTLMCredentials, NegotiateMessage, SSPINTLMCredentials


struct AuthenticateMessage

This message is sent from the client to authenticate itself by providing a response to the server challenge. 

struct BufferDesc


struct ChallengeMessage

This message is sent back by the server and contains the NTLM challenge. 

class NTLMContext

An opaque context class for working with SSPI NTLM authentication. 

class NTLMCredentials

This is a utility class for working with NTLMv2 Authentication. 

struct NegotiateMessage

This message is sent from the client to initiate NTLM authentication. 

class SSPINTLMCredentials

Support for NTLM authentication using credentials of the currently logged in user via SSPI. 

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