Library Net

Package ICMP


Classes: Header, ICMPClient, ICMPEventArgs, ICMPPacket, ICMPPacketImpl, ICMPSocket, ICMPSocketImpl, ICMPv4PacketImpl


struct Header


class ICMPClient

This class provides ICMP Ping functionality. 

class ICMPEventArgs

The purpose of the ICMPEventArgs class is to be used as template parameter to instantiate event members in ICMPClient class. 

class ICMPPacket

This class is the ICMP packet abstraction. 

class ICMPPacketImpl

This is the abstract class for ICMP packet implementations. 

class ICMPSocket

This class provides an interface to an ICMP client socket. 

class ICMPSocketImpl

This class implements an ICMP socket. 

class ICMPv4PacketImpl

This class implements the ICMPv4 packet. 

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