Library MongoDB

Package MongoDB


Classes: Array, BSONReader, BSONTimestamp, BSONWriter, Binary, ConcreteElement, Connection, Cursor, Database, DeleteRequest, Document, Element, ElementFindByName, ElementTraits, GetMoreRequest, InsertRequest, JavaScriptCode, KillCursorsRequest, Message, MessageHeader, ObjectId, PooledConnection, QueryRequest, RegularExpression, ReplicaSet, RequestMessage, ResponseMessage, SocketFactory, UpdateRequest


class Array

This class represents a BSON Array

class BSONReader

Class for reading BSON using a Poco::BinaryReader 

struct BSONTimestamp


class BSONWriter

Class for writing BSON using a Poco::BinaryWriter

class Binary

Implements BSON Binary. 

class ConcreteElement


class Connection

Represents a connection to a MongoDB server using the MongoDB wire protocol. 

class Cursor

Cursor is an helper class for querying multiple documents. 

class Database

Database is a helper class for creating requests. 

class DeleteRequest

A DeleteRequest is used to delete one ore more documents from a database. 

class Document

Represents a MongoDB (BSON) document. 

class Element

Represents an Element of a Document or an Array

class ElementFindByName


struct ElementTraits


class GetMoreRequest

A GetMoreRequest is used to query the database for more documents in a collection after a query request is send (OP_GETMORE). 

class InsertRequest

A request for inserting one or more documents to the database (OP_INSERT). 

class JavaScriptCode

Represents JavaScript type in BSON. 

class KillCursorsRequest

Class for creating an OP_KILL_CURSORS client request. 

class Message

Base class for all messages send or retrieved from MongoDB server. 

class MessageHeader

Represents the message header which is always prepended to a MongoDB request or response message. 

class ObjectId

ObjectId is a 12-byte BSON type, constructed using: - a 4-byte timestamp, - a 3-byte machine identifier, - a 2-byte process id, and - a 3-byte counter, starting with a random value. 

class PooledConnection

Helper class for borrowing and returning a connection automatically from a pool. 

class QueryRequest

A request to query documents in a MongoDB database using an OP_QUERY request. 

class RegularExpression

Represents a regular expression in BSON format. 

class ReplicaSet

Class for working with a MongoDB replica set. 

class RequestMessage

Base class for a request sent to the MongoDB server. 

class ResponseMessage

This class represents a response (OP_REPLY) from MongoDB

class SocketFactory


class UpdateRequest

This request is used to update a document in a database using the OP_UPDATE client request. 

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