Library JS/Core

Package Wrappers


Classes: ApplicationWrapper, BufferWrapper, ConfigurationWrapper, ConsoleWrapper, DateTimeWrapper, DeletePolicy, LocalDateTimeWrapper, LoggerWrapper, NoReleasePolicy, SystemWrapper, TimerWrapper, URIWrapper, UUIDWrapper, WeakPersistentWrapper, WeakPersistentWrapperBase, WeakPersistentWrapperRegistry, Wrapper


class ApplicationWrapper

JavaScript wrapper for Poco::Environment

class BufferWrapper

JavaScript wrapper for Poco::Buffer<char>. 

class ConfigurationWrapper

JavaScript wrapper for Poco::AbstractConfiguration

class ConsoleWrapper

JavaScript wrapper for Poco::Logger, presenting a Console-style interface as known from web browsers. 

class DateTimeWrapper

JavaScript wrapper for Poco::DateTime

class DeletePolicy


class LocalDateTimeWrapper

JavaScript wrapper for Poco::LocalDateTime

class LoggerWrapper

JavaScript wrapper for Poco::Logger

class NoReleasePolicy


class SystemWrapper

JavaScript wrapper for Poco::Environment

class TimerWrapper

JavaScript wrapper for TimedJSExecutor-based timers. 

class URIWrapper

JavaScript wrapper for Poco::AbstractURI. 

class UUIDWrapper

JavaScript wrapper for Poco::UUID

class WeakPersistentWrapper

Helper for wrapping native types in weak persistent handles. 

class WeakPersistentWrapperBase

A common base class for all WeakPersistentWrapper template instantiations that defines a virtual destructor. 

class WeakPersistentWrapperRegistry

This class maintains references to all active WeakPersistentWrapper instances. 

class Wrapper

Interface for JavaScript V8 Engine Wrapper classes. 

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