Library Foundation

Package URI


Classes: DataURIStreamFactory, FileStreamFactory, URI, URIRedirection, URIStreamFactory, URIStreamOpener

Functions: swap


class DataURIStreamFactory

An implementation of the URIStreamFactory interface that read data from data URIs. 

class FileStreamFactory

An implementation of the URIStreamFactory interface that handles file URIs. 

class URI

A Uniform Resource Identifier, as specified in RFC 3986

class URIRedirection

An instance of URIRedirection is thrown by a URIStreamFactory::open() if opening the original URI resulted in a redirection response (such as a MOVED PERMANENTLY in HTTP). 

class URIStreamFactory

This class defines the interface that all URI stream factories must implement. 

class URIStreamOpener

The URIStreamOpener class is used to create and open input streams for resourced identified by Uniform Resource Identifiers. 

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