Library Foundation

Package Events


Classes: AbstractDelegate, AbstractEvent, AbstractPriorityDelegate, BasicEvent, DefaultStrategy, Delegate, EventArgs, ExpirationDecorator, Expire, FIFOEvent, FIFOStrategy, FunctionDelegate, FunctionPriorityDelegate, NotificationStrategy, PriorityDelegate, PriorityEvent, PriorityExpire, PriorityStrategy

Functions: delegate, priorityDelegate


class AbstractDelegate

Base class for Delegate and Expire

class AbstractEvent

An AbstractEvent is the base class of all events. 

class AbstractPriorityDelegate

Base class for PriorityDelegate and PriorityExpire

class BasicEvent

A BasicEvent uses the DefaultStrategy which invokes delegates in the order they have been registered. 

class DefaultStrategy

Default notification strategy. 

class Delegate


class EventArgs

The purpose of the EventArgs class is to be used as parameter when one doesn't want to send any data. 

class ExpirationDecorator

ExpirationDecorator adds an expiration method to values so that they can be used with the UniqueExpireCache

class Expire

Decorator for AbstractDelegate adding automatic expiration of registrations to AbstractDelegate's. 

class FIFOEvent

A FIFOEvent uses internally a FIFOStrategy which guarantees that delegates are invoked in the order they were added to the event. 

class FIFOStrategy

Note: As of release 1. 

class FunctionDelegate

Wraps a freestanding function or static member function for use as a Delegate

class FunctionPriorityDelegate

Wraps a freestanding function or static member function for use as a PriorityDelegate

class NotificationStrategy

The interface that all notification strategies must implement. 

class PriorityDelegate


class PriorityEvent

A PriorityEvent uses internally a PriorityStrategy which invokes delegates in order of priority (lower priorities first). 

class PriorityExpire

Decorator for AbstractPriorityDelegate adding automatic expiring of registrations to AbstractPriorityDelegate

class PriorityStrategy

NotificationStrategy for PriorityEvent

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