Library Data/ODBC

Package ODBC


Classes: Binder, ConnectionHandle, Connector, DataTruncatedException, DiagnosticFields, Diagnostics, EnvironmentHandle, Error, Extractor, Handle, HandleException, InsufficientStorageException, ODBCException, ODBCMetaColumn, ODBCStatementImpl, Parameter, Preparator, SessionImpl, TypeInfo, UnknownDataLengthException, Utility

Functions: SQLBrowseConnect, SQLColAttribute, SQLColAttributes, SQLColumnPrivileges, SQLColumns, SQLConnect, SQLDataSources, SQLDescribeCol, SQLDriverConnect, SQLDrivers, SQLError, SQLExecDirect, SQLForeignKeys, SQLGetConnectAttr, SQLGetConnectOption, SQLGetCursorName, SQLGetDescField, SQLGetDescRec, SQLGetDiagField, SQLGetDiagRec, SQLGetInfo, SQLGetStmtAttr, SQLGetTypeInfo, SQLNativeSql, SQLPrepare, SQLPrimaryKeys, SQLProcedureColumns, SQLProcedures, SQLSetConnectAttr, SQLSetConnectOption, SQLSetCursorName, SQLSetDescField, SQLSetStmtAttr, SQLSpecialColumns, SQLStatistics, SQLTablePrivileges, SQLTables, isString, operator [], stringLength


class Binder

Binds placeholders in the sql query to the provided values. 

class ConnectionHandle

ODBC connection handle class 

class Connector

Connector instantiates SqLite SessionImpl objects. 

class DataTruncatedException


struct DiagnosticFields

SQLGetDiagRec fields 

class Diagnostics

Utility class providing functionality for retrieving ODBC diagnostic records. 

class EnvironmentHandle

ODBC environment handle class 

class Error

Class encapsulating ODBC diagnostic record collection. 

class Extractor

Extracts and converts data values from the result row returned by ODBC. 

class Handle

ODBC handle class template 

class HandleException


class InsufficientStorageException


class ODBCException


class ODBCMetaColumn


class ODBCStatementImpl

Implements statement functionality needed for ODBC 

class Parameter


class Preparator

Class used for database preparation where we first have to register all data types with respective memory output locations before extracting data. 

class SessionImpl

Implements SessionImpl interface 

class TypeInfo

Datatypes mapping utility class. 

class UnknownDataLengthException


class Utility

Various utility functions 

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