namespace Internal


Classes: CheckTermsEqual, Convert, Convert2, Convert3, Convertible, CountTerms, FixedPower, OutputUnit2, ScalingFactor


struct CheckTermsEqual

Counts the power of the Unit Term in Units T1 and T2. 

struct Convert

Converts T1 to T2. 

struct Convert2

Converts T1 to T2. 

struct Convert3

Converts T1 to T2. 

struct Convertible

Determines whether two types are Convertible

struct CountTerms

Count the power to which Unit Term is raised in the Unit List. 

struct FixedPower

A functor that raises a Value to the power Num/Den. 

struct OutputUnit2

The default Unit formatting mechanism. 

struct ScalingFactor

Determine the scaling factor of a Unit in relation to its "base" Units

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