struct ZigBeeTransmitStatus

File Information

Library: IoT/XBee
Package: XBeeNode
Header: IoT/XBee/XBeeNode.h


When a TX Request is completed, the module sends a TX Status message. This message will indicate if the packet was transmitted successfully or if there was a failure.

Frame Type: 0x8B



Poco::UInt8 deliveryStatus;

Delivery status:

  • 0x00 = Success
  • 0x01 = MAC ACK Failure
  • 0x02 = CCA Failure
  • 0x15 = Invalid destination endpoint
  • 0x21 = Network ACK Failure
  • 0x22 = Not Joined to Network
  • 0x23 = Self-addressed
  • 0x24 = Address Not Found
  • 0x25 = Route Not Found
  • 0x26 = Broadcast source failed to hear a neighbor relay the message
  • 0x2B = Invalid binding table index
  • 0x2C = Resource error lack of free buffers, timers, etc.
  • 0x2D = Attempted broadcast with APS transmission
  • 0x2E = Attempted unicast with APS transmission, but EE=0
  • 0x32 = Resource error lack of free buffers, timers, etc.
  • 0x74 = Data payload too large
  • 0x75 = Indirect message unrequested


Poco::UInt8 discoveryStatus;

Discovery status:

  • 0x00 = No Discovery Overhead 0x01 = Address Discovery
  • 0x02 = Route Discovery
  • 0x03 = Address and Route
  • 0x40 = Extended Timeout Discovery


Poco::UInt8 frameID;

Identifies the serial port data frame being reported.


std::string networkAddress;

16-bit Network Address the packet was delivered to (if successful) as a hexadecimal string. If not successful, this address will be "FFFD": Destination Address Unknown.

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