struct RemoteATCommand

File Information

Library: IoT/XBee
Package: XBeeNode
Header: IoT/XBee/XBeeNode.h


An AT command sent to a remote XBee module.

Frame Type: 0x17



std::string command;

Two character AT command.


std::string deviceAddress;

Hexadecimal text representation of 64-bit address of the destination device. Can be "0000000000000000" or empty for the coordinator, or "000000000000FFFF" for broadcast.


Poco::UInt8 frameID;

Correlates command frame with response, if a response is required. If set to zero, no response will be sent.


std::string networkAddress;

Hexadecimal text representation of the 16-bit network address of the device. Can be left empty or set to "FFFE" if the address is unknown, or if sending a broadcast.


Poco::UInt8 options;

Bitfield to enable various remote command options. Supported values include:

  • 0x01 - Disable ACK
  • 0x02 - Apply changes on remote. (If not set, AC command must be sent before changes will take effect.)
  • 0x40 - Use the extended transmission timeout for this destination.

Setting the extended timeout bit causes the stack to set the extended transmission timeout for the destination address (see chapter 4). All unused and unsupported bits must be set to 0.


std::vector < Poco::UInt8 > parameters;

Command-specific parameter bytes.

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